Remix Competition – Top 10 shortlist

'Butterfly Effect' remix competition

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted a track in the remix competition. We’re delighted to announce our shortlist below.

Thousands downloaded the stems and just over 600 of you completed mixes giving us the daunting task of selecting between them. It’s a really tough job to listen to so many wonderful mixes knowing how much love and effort has been involved and to choose some over others.

There really were an amazingly diverse array of styles and treatments of the track and Andy and I both felt honoured by the work you’d all put in.

To those of you who weren’t selected please don’t be discouraged – with such a large number of entrants only some can be winners and we hope you’ve enjoyed the experience of taking part.  To those who’ve been selected as one of our top ten below, well done. God help us in choosing the winner from amongst you!

Big love to all who took part,


A big ‘thank you’ to every one who got involved with the remix competition. Both Lou and I were blown away by the diversity and quality of the remixes. It’s great to see so many people getting stuck in.  All styles seem to have been covered from Folk to Dubstep and all ability levels involved, from first remix to professional producer.

As a musician and producer the most challenging aspect of this great journey for me is actually finishing tracks – the last 10% of finishing a track seems to take 90% of my time! A few times a year I teach music production at various universities and colleges, and I often give the students stems and the task to do a remix.  Post-mix the most common feedback is that it’s great to have a deadline, a date to work towards and to actually have to finish the track.  Hopefully those of you who are new to production and remixing found it useful to have this creative parameter and that it will now be a little less intimidating to complete your own master piece.

Using a DAW (Ableton, Pro tools, etc.) is like learning a language.  At first, you’re translating everything back and forth to your native tongue. It’s tricky and frustrating but at some magical moment the mechanical skills needed get to a point where thought is no longer necessary to connect the creativity to the sounds that come out of the speakers.  That’s where the real fun begins!

For those of you already fluent in production, I hope this remix gave you a bit of an insight into how Lamb put songs together and that listening to other people’s remixes has given you ideas, or encouragement, to further your own creative journey.  Right now it’s possible to make fantastic sounding tracks with just a laptop and a few toys.

Thanks again for sharing your time and creative energy to take part in the competition.

Lamb love


Top 10 Shortlist

Below, in no particular order, are the 10 tracks we’ve shortlisted with some brief comments on each.  We’ll be announcing the winner and two runners-up on Saturday, 31 March.  The winning remix will be released this year on the Butterfly Effect EP.  The winner and runners-up will also receive a full copy of Melodyne editor software. Good luck to all those shortlisted!

Andy – Very tasteful, great ideas, reminds me of a two step heaven.
Lou – Lovely ambient opening leading into awesome, tight dubstep groove.

Andy – Very cool, great production, the vocal fits like a glove. Brilliant.
Lou  – Love the old-school reggae re-work. Takes me back a while ;-) Vocal sits so well  with the groove you’d almost think it was made that way.

Andy – Very cool.  Great drum sounds, instant vibe soup.
Lou – Love the text-edit intro and skippy groove.  Killer atmospherics and vocal edits too.

Andy – Raw total reinterpretation, I love it for its not giving a shitness and that he has obviously poured his heart out in a very creative way.
Lou –  Genius reinterpretation. Pan pipes a gwaan! Genius.

Andy – A firm fave i love the sounds and have got used to the rap, I like the use of the synth part going thru it.
Lou – Love the textures. Some very cool moments.

Andy - Really creative, am loving the re-recorded vocals, cool going from half time to double time vox.  Great bass line, good dynamics.
Lou  - Wicked dark opening. Great re-work of the track and super-cool vocal reinterpretation.

Andy – Good warm textures, am liking the re recorded guitar. warm and saturated.
Lou – Lovely warm, valvey guitar that takes the song into a whole new territory. Love it.

Andy – Well produced and crisp. I like the repetition of the marimba part – beautiful yet dirty.  Great.
Lou – Awesome repetitive marimba part gets under the skin in a really cool way and lots of inspired atmospherics keep your ears pricked all the way through. Love the dark switch around 3.38.

Andy – Good tempo, unique, has a really open sound, floating and effortless but not wishy washy, great atmospheres and very creative.
Lou – Love the creative use of atmospherics.

Andy – Totally minimalistic but in a good way!
Lou  – Minimal, cut-up post-dubstep vibe with goose-bump atmospherics and great use of vocal loops.

* You can also view the shortlist in our Soundcloud ‘favourites’.