13.8.12. Butterfly Effect EP – on sale

Lamb’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ CD – featuring the original Lamb version alongside the remix competition winner and runners-up mixes – is now available in the Lamb store. The EP is also available for download via iTunes and other download platforms. Preview the tracks below.

Last December we launched the ‘Butterfly Effect’ remix competition. The prize for the winning entry – inclusion on the band’s next single – proved popular! By the closing date, there had been an astonishing 36,000 downloads of the various mix parts.

The quality and quantity of the entries was jaw-dropping and, unsurprisingly, Andy and Lou found it almost impossible to select an outright winner. Finally, after much deliberation, a winner and three runners-up emerged from the shortlist: Kepler22b took 1st place, Espai a close-run 2nd, with Surreal and FrankFrank in joint 3rd place.

However, thanks to the originality and sheer talent of the runners-up, Andy and Lou felt compelled to stretch the top-prize and, as a result, the ‘Butterfly Effect’ EP includes: the original version, the winning mix from Kepler22b, and all three runners-up mixes. Preview the tracks in the player below. Both winner and runners-up are currently unsigned so we hope that the EP, in some small way, helps them to achieve further recognition for their music. They certainly deserve it.